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First Time Home Buyers in Moses Lake and the Columbia Basin

Buying your first home in Moses Lake is fun, exhilarating and maybe even a little overwhelming. There’s much to take into account when buying a first home, but the Real Estate Agents at Advantage have a great deal of experience with First Time Homebuyers, and we can help you prepare, and give you the knowledge, to make buying your first home a smooth and easy process.   

Before you decide to buy your first home in , you need take a look at your financial situation and lifestyle, and make sure you are ready to buy a home, and to take on the responsibilities of home ownership.  The Advantage will give you some insight into your ability to buy a first home, but you should also consider talking with a Advantage Real Estate Agent for down-to-earth advice.

Mortgage Prequalification for First Time Homebuyers
If you’ve decided that the time is right to buy a first home, the best step you can take is to determine what you can afford in a home in the Moses Lake home market before you begin your home search.  The best way to accomplish this is to pre-qualify for a home loan. This benefits you by ensuring that you concentrate on homes in Moses Lake that best match your financial capabilities.  Call Advantage at (509)765-5691, Toll Free 1-888-243-2285 and we can help you prepare for a mortgage pre-qualification, and put you in touch with trusted Mortgage Providers serving Moses Lake. 

One thing to remember is that your first home is also a valuable financial investment. While you need to be careful about your finances, under-investing in your first home – and buying a property with less potential to appreciate – can be a mistake. 

Key Steps for First Time Homebuyers in Moses Lake
The next step is find out what your options are in terms of types of housing and communities that meet your expectations and price range. This is the time to figure out what you really want in your first home. Maybe it’s a big yard, or a particular school district, or possibly no fireplace is your deal breaker.  For some buyers, Moses Lake may be ideal.  For others, Moses Lake will have options they may find appealing.  An Advantage Real Estate Agent can help you determine what your primary needs are to help you in your Moses Lake home search. 

Once you’ve found a home, have an inspection performed on the property. An inspection should be considered a must to let you know the condition of the house. And yes, this includes new construction.  Advantage will gladly provide recommendations for trusted Home Inspectors. 

The final stage is to negotiate your price with the seller and close the deal on your first new home.  Advantage Real Estate Agents pride themselves on being Skilled Negotiators, as part of our commitment to providing Premier Service.   

Contact Advantage about Buying your First Home

If you are a First Time Homebuyer, looking for a home in Moses Lake and want to work with a team of Real Estate Experts that can help, please feel free to contact us click here.   Simply call us at (509)765-5691, Toll Free 1-888-243-2285, or jfoster@agmac.com.  All of us at Advantage will be glad to talk with you, and help you in all of your Moses Lake Real Estate needs.